Oakes Logging Ax Men

Oakes Logging

Oakes Logging Ax Men

Oakes Logging is the newest addition to the Ax Men family. The series is in it’s seventh season and has become a breakout hit for History Channel spawning several spin offs including ‘The Legend of Swamp Man’. Oakes logging is located in Port Angeles, Washington. You know that location means competition from Rygaard. It’s official name is Kelly Oakes & Sons Logging. With only 4 employees the crew has been able to garner an annual revenue of $100,000. Today Oakes Logging is worth over $10 million which means big bucks for owner and founder Kelly Oakes. His net worth is $3.5 million. His sons Jake Half Throttle and Josh Full Throttle are also part of the family business.

Kelley is a levelheaded logger’s logger: salt of the earth, hard working, opinionated and uncensored. As their nicknames might imply, Full Throttle and Half Throttle are polar opposites. Full will run a machine wide open until the job is done and then walk away from the equipment, leaving it in whatever state it ends up in—even if that means a blown motor. His brother, on the other hand, is slower and more methodical; he prefers to see things through and takes satisfaction in knowing the job is done and the gear is sound.

Nowhere on this crew is there any love lost for Gabe Rygaard. As they put it, “The girls of Rygaard don’t stand a chance against Oakes.”

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